Today businesses need the ability to instantly discover important insights and to be enabled to rapidly take informed and data-driven action. TRUECHART is designed to do exactly this for businesses where consistency of reporting key financial information is critical.

TRUECHART reduces the time required both to prepare reports, and also for the consumer to review and understand the content being presented by fully-enabling the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS®) in any corporate environment. Creating and displaying data using IBCS® within your BI results in uniform data visualizations that offer dynamic, meaningful reports giving your business a valuable strategic advantage.

Explore TRUECHART4QLIKSENSE and extend the possibilities of your Qlik Sense environment. With this extension you will be able to go a step further and break out of the sheet layout. Building upon a grid-based layout, TRUECHART lets you design your reports and dashboards without boundaries.
Choose from a variety of charting, commenting and layout functions. Once your design is finished, save it as a template and speed up the future design process throughout your company. Use the TRUECHART service to profit from an enterprise wide standard that can be updated or altered by one click pushing the effect to all TRUECHART extensions. While being connected to the TRUECHART service, comments and collaboration functions will be user specific, enhancing the data literacy bringing your Qlik Sense ecosystem to the next level.

More benefits

Choose from different visualizations while using one extension

• Time Chart
• Structure Chart
• Table
• Small Multiples

Using TRUECHART4QLIKSENSE to make things more narrow

• Layouting with TRUECHART means breaking up the limits
• Use different cell-types to create your reports in one object

Collaboration is king!

Still using E-Mails to collaborate and sharing insights? Try commenting in TRUECHART

• Use Title or Subtitle to send a clear message to the report audience
• Create tables with inline comments based on the values you choose
• Perspective comments give you the chance to annotate your charts





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