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Collaborative Business Intelligence - DATA IS KING, THIS KING COULD BE LETHAL

Dealing with data is very complex and many companies struggle to take full advantage of their data treasure. In some cases, handling data is more complex and costly than the benefits gained from the information

Collaboration is king!

Make the most out of your business processes, get decision makers out of working in isolation and stop information loss now. Using KPI-CHAT you´ll improve your decision-making process and strengthen remote collaboration possibilities!


Collaborative Business Intelligence for Value-Driven Decisions

Time-to-value is more important than ever. With ultra-demanding corporate performance tasks such as forecasting and analysis getting in the way of doing business and creating unnecessary overhead, TRUECHART streamlines the entire process across your organization.

Suddenly, performance analysis become a breeze. Collaboration and insights across departments are quick and easy. It’s days vs. clicks - TRUECHART fundamentally changes business analysis and the way business intelligence is accessed, managed, modeled, and analyzed.

It provides the speed and scale needed to tackle petabytes of business intelligence in interactive speed to make data management and complex reporting much easier, simpler, and faster.

Moreover, the software’s visual design studio enables users at all levels—from business analysts to data scientists—to analyze, visualize, and extract information and deep meaningful insights, which require no previous programming knowledge.

Users are not restricted to what business intelligence solution they use, but rather how well they can intuitively mingle with the data shown in their reports to make value-driven decisions.

What sets us apart

Data rules the world. The human factor is often underestimated, where human communication continues to be important. Miscommunication in Business Intelligence leads to significant inefficiencies and mistake. Collaborative Business Intelligence is the key trend and TRUECHART and KPI-CHAT are the solutions:

Data-point-specific real time collaboration

Data-point-specific communication reduces the scope of  interpretation

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Standardization increases clarity and improves data literacy

Build Sophisticated IBCS® Compliant Charts & Graphs Easily
& Advanced Financial Reporting Notation

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API-driven integration into any open BI-software

Integrates with your preferred Business Intelligence Platform
Build reports once, and display, manage and (re)use anywhere in Excel or any other system

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