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5 Ways the Modern Workplace Has Reshaped the Business Landscape

Publication date: 10 June 2021

Few events from recent history can be credited with changing the course of mankind. The corona crisis has put every living office worker in a living room, bedroom, or anywhere else that is… not the office. Even when some are now deciding to go back ‘to the old days’, most people actually prefer the out-of-office work style. The modern workplace is here to stay.

Here are five ways working from home has changed business as we know it.

What Changed After Going Remote?

1. All Things Virtual

With the switch to the modern workplace, what every business realized is that employees could carry out all of their tasks from any location, not just the office. But, more importantly, employees discovered the virtual workplace could be just as intimate and efficient as working from the office, with one significant difference – they get to work whenever and however they deem fit. Of course, where the work allows it.

In addition, businesses also discovered a new talent pool to draw from. No longer are companies hiring employees solely from their local area, but they are also expanding their reach internationally and forming remote teams all across the globe. No need to ‘fly in’ a candidate – simply have them set up at home! This approach undoubtedly creates more diversity in the workplace and allows businesses to hire the best talent for their team.

2. Accelerated Decisions

The biggest challenge for businesses during the pandemic outbreak was ‘time.’ Companies had mere weeks or even days to completely change their business models and adapt their services due to various lockdowns and restrictions. Even though there was seemingly more time, things started to move a lot faster.

In general, this drastic change was swift, and the majority of businesses were able to quickly adapt. This experience helped many companies recognize that there is no more need to take days or weeks to implement an important decision. And how many ‘unnecessary hours’ they’ve spent on ‘unnecessary things’ before, during, and after meetings. The list goes on… 

Significant changes can happen overnight and lead to excellent outcomes, as was the case here.

3. Shifted Focus of Operational Decisions

In addition to completely transforming the modern workplace, the modern workplace has become a catalyst to better (or maybe just… different) budgeting decisions. First and foremost, the pandemic outbreak set back almost every company, regardless of its industry. However, it came with certain benefits as well.

With the rise of remote work, businesses were able to go fully digital and lower their real estate costs, which often are one of the biggest business expenses. Also, fewer in-office employees means lower internet, phone, electricity, and water bills. 

Last but not least, as already mentioned, with remote work becoming increasingly popular, companies don’t have to hire locally anymore. No more traveling hours or traveling budgets. Instead, they can save up a lot of money by finding exceptional talent abroad.

4. Adoption of Modern, Cloud-Based Tools

The advent of remote working has necessitated the development of new cloud-based tools and apps. These technologies enable bussineses to get crucial information when they need it, exchange data, collaborate on projects, and communicate in real-time, no matter where they are. 

Working in the cloud is also more cost-effective, as it eliminates the need for on-site server maintenance and connects every single team member via the same channels. Needless to say, this enables business owners to manage all of their accounts, generate reports, and track performance from a single, secure online platform – all of it – more efficiently.

5. Online and Data Collaboration

Closely connected to the previous point, remote work has resulted in increased online and data collaboration. We’ve said goodbye to delivering physical files… to roaming around the office during coffee breaks just to ‘ask a quick question’. Those were some good times, too!

Consequently, work-related data is transmitted more than ever before between users. This is augmented by easy-to-use collaboration tools, online storage, virtual meetings etc. So, whoever said this remote thing won’t work for everyone, we’re pretty sure that somehow everyone made it work.

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