How can people communicate successfully without speaking the same language?

by applying Communication Standards!

Business Intelligence Team

Standards are the basis for our communication…

Business Intelligence

… and many of them work successfully on a global scale.

Business Intelligence

Despite the need there is not a single semantic standard for Financial Dashboarding

Business Intelligence

See for yourself:
Google -> Financial Dashboards

Business Intelligence

And now:
Google -> IBCS® Financial Dashboards

How Does IBCS® Influence Reporting?

Unlike music, architecture, and transportation, there is no universal style associated with business reporting. IBCS® provides a set of best practices, styles, templates, and formats that lend standardization to business reporting. This allows those that create reports to follow a more consistent, repeatable format while those that use the reports for decision making can have confidence in knowing what they’re looking at is consistent with reports coming in from other departments.

Business Intelligence

IBCS® is adopted by many organizations worldwide.

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