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Home Office Ideas Guaranteed to Boost Your Productivity

Publication date: 27 April 2021

Whether you’ve recently found yourself working from home or you’ve been doing it for some time now, it’s always a good idea to check out new ideas to improve your home office design. Although many people think that working from home is much better than going to the office, it’s not necessarily the case. After all, employees in offices get quality desks, chairs, and other equipment to make them feel comfortable. On the other hand, many people put together their home office from whatever’s available.

The ideal home office has the perfect balance of comfort and inspiration. It allows people to be comfortable and work effectively while enjoying all the benefits of being in their own homes. To help you make the most of your workspace, we’ve listed five home office ideas that will maximize your comfort and boost your productivity.

Multi-Screen Setup

Many people believe that a multi-screen setup is used only for convenience. However, numerous studies performed over the years prove that multiple monitors increase productivity. A study carried out by Jon Peddie Research shows that employee productivity increases an average of 42% when using multiple displays.

Multiple monitors are very convenient for people who use several programs simultaneously. For people who use laptops for work, a product like XEBEC is a super-simple solution for adding screens to laptops anytime, anywhere.

Comfy, Super-Massage-y Office Chair

A great way to spruce up the home office and pay attention to help is by getting a massage office chair. Sitting in an uncomfortable office chair with poor posture can hinder blood flow and cause prolonged back pain. Massage office chairs are designed to improve a person’s posture, relieve muscle tension and pain, and ensure ultimate comfort levels.

Some massage chairs come with heating pads that further stimulate blood vessels and alleviate joint pain, cramps, and any other discomfort. Mixing business with pleasure, literally…

Swap Your Office Chair for a Treadmill

Totally different than the previous point but… Even the most comfortable chairs can’t prevent back, hip, or joint pain from sitting all day long, especially for people with pre-existing conditions. Eventually, you have to get up and walk. Studies show that sitting too much can lead to obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and poor mental health. That is why people are now replacing their chairs with treadmills.

Our CEO, Michael Schwan, is one of them! Instead of sitting all day long, he walks on the treadmill when checking emails, talking on the phone, or performing any other tasks. Not only is he staying in shape, but Mr. Schwan claims that the treadmill boosts his productivity. Significantly! Whenever he gets tired, he just pulls in his chair and takes a short break from walking. So he says, although we’ve never seen him actually sit down. Hmmm…

Add Whiteboards & Cookies

Your home office should be the space where you feel most comfortable to do your work. It should also be a place that allows you to your job efficiently, even more so than in a traditional office. For those who ‘present’ all too often in their virtual meetings, adding a whiteboard with markers to their presentations, conferences, or online tranings is a tremendous way to get your point across in a clear and comprehensible way, leaving nothing to guess.

Need to explain a complicated issue? Map it out. Need to brainstorm? Start putting down ideas for everyone to see. Need to make a quick note about a new task or meeting? Simply jot it down in the corner. Also never, ever forget to have cookies and snacks around. 🙂 Whenever you’re taking a break, tasty snacks are likely to improve your mood and increase your productivity and creativity.

Longer But More Active Breaks

When in the office, people often take short coffee breaks that last a while instead of going out for a walk and some fresh air. Even though this is not a bad way to relax and recharge, there is an even better solution – work out!

Instead of drinking coffee for a few minutes, do a 30-minute workout. A 15-minute one if you can, even 5 minutes a day will do! It will help you freshen up, get energized, and change your scenery. Researchers proved that people who exercise during the workday are actually more productive at work. So, sneak in an exercise during your work hours and boost your health and productivity at the same time!

There are numerous ways to improve your home office routine, and these were our favorites. Whether you decide to add multiple screens or just a new office chair, make sure that your home office combines ultimate comfort with practices that boost productivity.

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