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From Sassy to Classy: The Story of a Data Report

Publication date: 12 August 2021

Warning, this is not an article. Nor a story based on a true story. Nor an analysis of data analysis and how to actually report… Wait, what is it then? 

This is the TRUECHART team’s creativity running wild, re-imagining the journey of a business report that had been poorly used, stuffed with unnecessary information, and primed for an overhaul with none other than Mr. Standard after years of neglect.

The story starts now…

I remember the first time they were talking about me.

They said that I was going to be the “greatest one we’ve ever made.”

Since the day I was born, I was surrounded by many people. Even though there are typically two parents in a family, that was not the case for me. I had five parents – a whole team taking care of me. And, every single one of them spent much time with me, taking care of me and making sure that I am well-prepared for my big day.

They always told me how important and special I was; how I would accomplish great things. And, they were eager to show me to the ‘classy’ important people – the decision-makers

Whoever those were… I’ve never met ’em!

Finally, the big day arrived. My team had one final look at me, and they said we were ready to go and attend the meeting.

We entered a new room, and for the first time, I saw so many people who were not my team. And, they were all eager to meet me!

Maybe these were the decision-makers. Hmm…

My team started talking about me, and, with each minute, my audience was losing more and more attention. After only 30 minutes, they were yawning! Imagine how shocked and disappointed my team was…

They tried to change a few things about me, but… nothing. The decision-makers said I was stuffed with unnecessary information and that they couldn’t see how I could accomplish anything.

I was heartbroken and scared. 

I worried that my team would simply give up on me. My family.

We all returned to that special room where I was created, unsure of what to do next.

To everybody’s surprise, there was someone in there already, someone we’ve never seen before. He said his name was Mr. Standard and that he’s going to help us out.

Mr. Standard reassured us of my importance. He pointed out that the problem is in others because they had never met someone like me, so they couldn’t understand me. More importantly, he said that he could teach us how to turn things around.

After listening to Mr. Standard’s advice, my team made some changes, and we went back to the decision-makers. We were all afraid that the same scenario would happen again, especially now that our audience wasn’t so eager to see me in the same way they did the first time.

When my team started showing me off, they were drawing doodles in their notebooks or staring at their phones. 

But, then, an amazing thing happened! 

With each passing minute, they seemed to be more and more interested in me. 

They… understood… me.

And, when my team was done, the decision-makers started applauding. 

Finally, everyone could see my true value that used to be concealed.

And, all of that happened because of Mr. Standard!

And me, of course… I’m still the protagonist of this story.

This is a story of a poorly designed report before and after meeting IBCS®. This involves the conception of the content, the visual perception, and the application of semantic notation.

IBCS® can be described as a unified language, along with graphs and presentations that make business communication clear and straightforward. The most significant advantage of implementing IBCS® is not only standardized reporting but also accelerated business decision-making with data as its primary navigation tool. 

Easier understanding of every report. 

Faster decision-making based on reports. 

Business growth and everything that follows.

Don’t prevent your business from making significant progress because you are stuck sitting on reports you can’t use. With TRUECHART and IBCS®, make your reports visually meaningful and produce insights that matter.

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