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3 Ways KPI-CHAT Is Better Than Email

Publication date: 24 February 2021

Communication at the workplace is either verbal or in the form of emails. Nowadays, even more so. When it comes to data, using screenshots and endless email strings of feedback, discussions, questions – all of which end up in a Zoom call anyway – you start to wonder why this “email thing” is still happening in the world of business intelligence.
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In most cases surrounding data in the workplace, colleagues approach colleagues to talk about a project or something that is unclear. When it comes to sharing data and files that include data, it is usually done by email.

Yes, email is an important method of business communication that is fast, cheap, accessible and, easily replicated. And yes, using email can significantly benefit businesses as it provides efficient and effective ways to transmit all kinds of electronic data.

However, even though email is quite an effective communication method, it has several disadvantages when it comes to data collaboration. Emails can cause information overload. People tend to receive dozens of emails on a daily basis, and some messages might even end up as dismissed or unread.

Also, it is not uncommon for emails to cause misunderstandings, especially if they are very long. Recipients may misunderstand the lengthy instructions and tons of information, which may result in unwanted consequences. Last but not least, emails can contain viruses which can cause great damage to a company.

For these reasons, more and more businesses are starting to use the latest technological solution for business intelligence collaboration – KPI-CHAT.


KPI-CHAT is a first-of-its-kind, real-time data-point-specific collaboration tool, courtesy of TRUECHART. It is often explained as a “WhatsApp for any BI system”. The KPI-CHAT allows companies to integrate an instant-messaging-like functionality that enables data-point-specific dialog within a BI system.

Even though there are many collaborative tools available, such as Slack or Zoom, none can be directly integrated into the BI system like KPI-CHAT.

The best part about KPI-CHAT is that it can be integrated across multiple BI platforms and can enable communication inside specific data points, which is unheard of.

Who needs KPI-CHAT? Well, every company that has knowledge workers, such as financial planning or sales teams, as an example. These individuals exchange data and information daily, and KPI-CHAT enables them to communicate where insights are valued most – inside reports and dashboards.

Why Is KPI-CHAT Better Than Email?

Even though emails allow users to share important files and store them indefinitely, they can never match the power of KPI-CHAT.

As already mentioned, KPI-CHAT is directly integrated into a BI system, meaning that users don’t have to save any files and then send them using an email app. KPI-CHAT ensures instant real-time communication within any file or BI system.

In addition, KPI-CHAT is focused entirely on data-driven communication, so there will be no distractions, and the decision-making process will be faster than ever before.

Here are a few other ways how KPI-CHAT outperforms email communication:

Data-Driven Collaboration

KPI-CHAT enables data-point-specific collaboration. This can strengthen remote co-working possibilities and allow the company to fully control who has access to the data.

Faster Decision-Making Process

KPI-CHAT feels almost like an instant messaging app, such as WhatsApp. All the communication happens in real-time, and there will be no information loss due to delayed responses. This improves the traceability of decisions, as well.

Enhanced Data Literacy

KPI-CHAT allows users to build their communication upon existing data models. In addition, all users are allowed to link their knowledge to the data and comment on it. Ay company can extend information self-service and satisfy information needs quickly.

If your company is in need of a solution that enables data-point-specific dialog within a BI system, KPI-CHAT has got you covered. For more information and guidance on KPI-CHAT, feel free to request a free-of-charge 30-minute demo here.

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