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How In-Line Commenting Improves Your Data Collaboration by 467%

Publication date: 4 November 2022

In the simplest way possible, data collaboration means analyzing, exploring, discussing and sharing information with others. But what can your team do to maximize your collaboration and efficiency at work?

Efficient communication. We simply could not imagine quick and effective data collaboration without it. It is crucial for teams that do constant content creation – especially when it comes to data. Reports. Presentations. The list goes on.

The quality of communication around the data directly impacts the quality of content around the data.

Most challenges around collaboration have to do with communication efficiency.

Waiting for an email from a colleague takes a lot of time?

It’s time that could be spent on content creation.

Using many different platforms at once for the purpose of communication?

It can get confusing and time-consuming.

Wouldn’t it be much easier if all of this could be done in one place, in real time?

Spark Your Data Collaboration with In-Line Comments

As the leading data collaboration tool, TRUECHART brings the option of in-line comments. The goal? Solve the challenges of communication-related to data inside analytics or business intelligence dashboards.

The ideal way of doing it?

  • Open your dashboard. 
  • Click on any specific data point. 
  • Leave a comment in just a few clicks.
  • Tag a teammate in case they need to read it.

These short explanations and annotations can be written directly inside the dashboard, within any specific data point, enabling any dashboard user within the team to create an easier flow of information and instructions to other colleagues.

You can also open and re-open discussions, mention users and roles, check the timeline of comments, and much more.

Plus, you never have to even leave your dashboard. You can do all of this within TRUECHART. Comments and in-line replies can be added without the needs for other programs, like email or other analytics software. This makes the communication process instantly more effective.

But why are comments even necessary?

What are the Benefits of In-Line Commenting?

Save time and improve response times. No need for writing emails back and forth or waiting for colleagues to reply. Simply write a comment, tag the user that needs to see it, and receive their reply in real time. 

Every bit of information stays within one platform. No need for cross-platform communication, as all the information and comments stay in one place!

Easy and convenient. You’re in your dashboard anyway. So, if you see something that needs some clarification, click on that specific data point, and directly comment in it.

Everyone can do it. Well, everyone that has permissions! Those with access to the dashboard can easily collaborate and share their inputs about data by adding in-line comments.

When Is It Useful to Use In-Line Commenting?

If you see some part of the content that needs to be changed or reviewed, you can simply click on it, and add a direct comment, plus tag the person that needs to see the comment. You can point to the particular part of the content that needs to be changed, and you can suggest changes directly.

This not only saves time and makes communication clearer but helps the team to avoid mistakes with their data, especially when extracting reports.

When Is It Useful to Use In-Line Commenting?

There are two ways in which you can add comments using TRUECHART:

  • Perspective comments (with optional references)
  • In-line comments

Commenting functionality enables you to directly link all the relevant information using a chart, via a formattable comment. One feature of this tool is keeping the dynamic link intact, even after selections have been applied.

Configuration of comments can be done according to various factors, for example, using a specific time period. This enables creation of permanent links between the data and their comments/annotations.

In a nutshell, comments for the win!

TRUECHART fundamentally changes data visualization and collaboration – powered by standardized IBCS® templates. It provides the speed and scale needed to tackle petabytes of business intelligence in interactive speed to make data management and complex reporting much easier, simpler, and faster. Book your TRUECHART demo today.

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