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October 2020: Proudly introducing the “WhatsApp” for real collaborative Business Intelligence: KPI-CHAT

Publication date: 12 October 2020

Dear customers and valued partners, we are excited to announce the initial release of our new product

Collaborative Business Intelligence
Improve communication of any kind within BI-Systems in real-time, for everyone and in any environment.

KPI-Chat is the future of collaboration
Bring actionable insights back to your Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform by integrating communication where it belongs: directly with the data.
Nowadays, tools focus on performance, enhanced possibilities regarding Analytics and bringing the right information to the right people – which is an awesome development! But in the end, that is where the magic stops: screenshots are taken and enriched, report pages are printed, or data is extracted to answer questions and sharing insights – effectively breaking the platform.

As simple as „WhatsApp“
KPI-CHAT enables knowledge workers to communicate where insights are valued most – within reports and dashboards – by enriching analytical results and delivering actionable insights.

The Solution

  • Direct integration of collaborative chat functions in the BI systems.
  • Data dependent collaboration channels which provide secure content to anyone who is allowed to use the channel.
  • Collaborative channels which are accessible across BI systems.

KPI-CHAT – Collaborative Business Intelligence for perspectives…

  • Only business case relevant chat content is presented.
  • Chat is populated based on global filters.
  • Only users with user rights receive access to this channel and filter combination.
  • Chat content is auditable.

…and within tables

  • Channel content is created per table line item.
  • Chat content is saved with defined global filters and specified table line elements.
  • Chats appear as overlay to the table.
  • There is no limit to the number of chat columns.

Please also visit our KPI-CHAT product home page for more information. Additionally you can have a first look here:

Release Notes
For a complete overview of all product features please refer to the Release Notes.

Online documentation
The online user documentation for the whole trueChart platform including how-to descriptions is available here.

You can get the latest version for all our products, including demo applications and further information, from our Self-Service-Portal.

If you have any questions regarding the version or about installation, please consult the technical support option from the Self-Service-Portal.

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