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Top 3 Management Concerns in the Modern Workplace

Publication date: 13 April 2021

The COVID-19 outbreak brought one significant change to the modern workplace. Instead of going to the physical office, most employees now work from the comfort of their own homes. When companies were ‘forced’ to make this changes, managers and leaders feared that employee productivity would take a hit, along with a string of other things as a result. However, work from home turned out to have more benefits than setbacks.

As it turns out, employees don’t mind working harder as long as it is from the comfort of their own home. The reason? Workers don’t have to commute anymore, and their work schedules are more flexible. According to Buffer’s State of Remote Work Survey, a whopping 98% of employees would prefer to have the option to work remotely for the rest of their careers.

However, just because the modern workplace seems to be working out so well doesn’t mean that the management doesn’t have a hard time keeping everything under control. In this article, we explore the three most common management concerns in the modern workplace and how to overcome them.

3 Common Management Concerns in the Modern Workplace

Tracking team productivity

In the office, managers can take a glance to see an employee’s progress on a task or ask them if they are running into any problems. Working from home tends to make remote managers feel as if they’re not doing their job properly due to the lack of direct contact and feedback.

Lack of company culture

Most companies have an idea of what they value, and they implement their beliefs with the company culture. When the majority of employees are working from home, it can be pretty challenging to spread the company culture.

Work-life balance

Improper work-life balance can have a negative influence on an employee’s personal life and, as a result, they can experience burnout, loneliness, and even depression. Remote managers are finding it challenging to foster proper work-life balance with their remote workers.

How to Tackle Management Concerns in the Modern Workplace

Make the most out of available tools

Teams that value a result-based approach will benefit from project management tools, such as Monday or Trello. Teams that need a nudge or require getting the manager’s input regularly can switch to time tracking tools, such as Hubstaff or Clockify.

Modern methods for the modern workplace

There are new, unique ways to bolster company culture with remote workers. Managers can organize weekly group calls or fun activities such as playing video games with their team. Also, they can create ‘a virtual watercooler group’ on WhatsApp or other networking tools for more casual conversations.

Emphasize the importance of work-life balance

It’s quite unlikely that employees will come forward with their personal issues, such as being unable to balance their work and personal lives. Managers need to take the matter into their hands, do some investigating, and offer support proactively. If the company uses a time tracking tool, managers can look out for people working longer than they should. Also, it is recommended to schedule regular meetings during which managers can check in on their employees and offer advice to those who are overworking.

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