trueChart v2018.11 - new features & opportunities

This week we released a new version of trueChart, which goes by the name trueChart v2018.11. Within this version, we introduced a set of new features and updates which empower the user in many ways. Discover the amazing possibilities that are laid out to the users through the following features:

trueChart for Jedox - the trueChart family is growing

Once more we extend our trueChart family. trueChart is now available for Jedox Web as a widget integration. Jedox Web is a web-based advanced reporting tool for the evaluation of data. With the new member of the trueChart family – trueChart4Jedox, you can create IBCS-conform visualizations within Jedox Web. Furthermore, you will be able to use the trueChart Annotation and Commenting System. This empowers you to comment on your data, see comments across different platforms (Jedox, Qlik, Power BI, API) and retain every comment alongside its relevant data sources.

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trueChart now supports Qlik Sense version November 2018

With the trueChart version 2018.11 we now officially support the recently released Qlik Sense version November 2018. Watch the official “What’s new” video from Qlik to find out more about the features. As for trueChart, this release means that we are keeping up with the players on the market and keep focusing on delivering our customers the most relevant and recent experience within their BI platforms.

Try our trueChart4QlikSense demo and experience the benefits of IBCS-conform visualizations and smart commenting by yourself.

Offline Visualization Support - take your work where the internet can't follow

trueChart v2018.11 now allows you to work without direct service access in offline cases! For instance with an offline download of apps via Qlik Sense Mobile or in the situation when there is no internet access. In such cases, all visualization definitions and comment information are then retrieved from the analysis app and displayed also without service connection. Using the new “Save comments in App” button, comments can be loaded directly into the analysis app so that they are also available offline.

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Alternate State Support - i.e. create competitive analysis in IBCS style

As of this version, trueChart for Qlik Sense fully supports Qlik Sense November 2018 and the alternative states features. This makes it very easy to implement comparative analyses directly on a sheet. Additionally, trueChart goes a step further and now also offers support for alternative statuses for all supported Qlik Sense versions, i.e. from 3.0! This allows not only the assignment of a different selection status but also the creation, editing, and deletion of the application-wide valid alternative states. Furthermore, our new Menubar and Structure Builder versions also support now alternative states.

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Dynamically show and hide Dimensions and Measures

show and edit 1
show and edit 2

With the release of the version 2018.11 trueChart now offers the possibility to show and hide dimensions and measures for all available visualization forms (tables, charts, and multiples) depending on dynamically evaluated conditions. This makes it possible, for example, to create an overview and detail views with little effort for analysis tables at the push of a button.
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New Layout Template "Tree Chart"

tree chart

The final new feature which is available since this version is the Tree Chart. This chart type can be used best if the mathematical relationship of two or more measures over time has to be presented.

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