trueChart and menubar TED certified by Qlik

Qlik awarded trueChart and menubar with Trusted Extension Developer (TED) status. Read below what the TED Program represents and why you should pay attention.

trueChart - certified as a trusted Qlik extension

Did you ever wonder how a single report can lead to different interpretations? Why numbers tell a different story depending on the person reading them? The reason is the lack of standardization in the financial reporting world. Everybody can read numbers but nobody follows any rules to visualize them properly. To overcome this difficulty, trueChart was created to enable proper data visualization and commenting. And now, Qlik awarded it the Trusted Extension Developer status.

In detail, trueChart is a scalable enterprise-class solution that extends the functionality of Qlik Sense. It fully enables visualizations according to the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS). This results in more comprehensive reports and leaves no room for misinterpretations. In addition to being cross-platform, trueChart provides a powerful report annotation and commenting system. The Trusted Extension Developer status confirms the high quality of the solution and the expertise of the team behind it.

trueChart's menubar - certified as a trusted Qlik extension

Additionally, Qlik awarded the menubar with the Trusted Extension Developer status. The menubar allows for vertical and horizontal buttons and selections (fields, drill-down dimensions, master dimensions, and variables). Furthermore, it provides unlimited trigger-based actions within Qlik Sense.

This feature enables the sharing of apps with a single click. It also allows to conveniently chain documents to navigate between apps. As of version v1.3.4, the menubar fully supports Qlik Sense November 2018 and the alternative states feature. That makes it very easy to implement comparative analyses directly on a sheet.

What is the Trusted Extension Developer Program?

The Trusted Extension Developer Program was launched by Qlik in July 2018. The program aims to ease the creation and delivery of visual extensions into commercial production environments. Developers are able to earn a TED status by fulfilling strict requirements

When organizations deploy custom applications they frequently struggle to find a dependent development partner who meets the organization’s governance and security policies requirements. Qlik’s TED program tackels this challenge. 

“This badge is your key to identifying extensions that have been accredited as part of the Trusted Extension Developer Program. Only extensions that are part of the program will display the badge on their product listing, making them easy to identify.”

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