Report Annotation and Commenting System

Report Annotation and Commenting System

trueChart adds cross-platform smart commenting system to your reporting and analytics processes, allowing stakeholders to add comments, explanations and key messages to any chart, graph, report or key figure. Annotations are centrally stored, linked to key values, and dynamically available for display across all relevant reports, systems and platforms, so all analysis results can be interpreted in the same way on all integrated platforms.

Quickly and easily build IBCS®-compliant reports
using a range of pre-defined templates. Save time and effort!

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IBCS® Compliant Charts & Graphs

Charts and graphs conform to International Business Communication Standards (IBCS®). See “What is IBCS®” for more details.

Consistent Scaling Throughout

Charts are automatically scaled across dashboards, ensuring uniformity in the chart sizes and units to better compare different products, regions, etc.

Callouts and Highlights

Enhance reports with callouts and highlights to ensure your audience can focus on what’s most important.

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