Cross-Platform Chart Library

Cross-Platform Chart Library

trueChart integrates with your preferred BI platform(s) to build reports once, then manage, (re)use and display them anywhere. Easy integration into other systems, even by third parties, thanks to the trueChart Core development interface. No need to rebuild as corporate tools and platforms change… your effort and IP is protected and rework is minimized by leveraging and easily managing your report and template library across all platforms. And your software investment is safe too, with a license model that is platform-independent, and not permanently tied to a single BI tool vendor. I license fits all.

Build reports once, and display, manage and
(re)use anywhere in Power BI or any other system!

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Enable IBCS® in your BI Platform

Make faster and more accurate decisions

Create comprehensive reports & dashboards

Create cross-platform templates & comments

Boost the data literacy within your organization

Get 1 license for all your BI Platforms