Learn more about the benefits! Demo trueChart, Qlik Sense and menubar.

Demo trueChart and see the software from an normal users point of view. As a fully working installation, the demo allows you to get a better feel for what it’s like to use trueChart. Click the button below any of the software applications to experience all of trueCharts many features and integrations.

trueChart Demo Application
for Qlik Sense (including menubar)

Demo trueChart with Qlik sense. trueChart and Qlik Sense helps people find deeper insights by harnessing human intuition and machine intelligence during the analytics process. The Associative engine lets you explore all your data, in any direction, leaving no data behind and no path uncovered. And you can do everything from any device, without limitations.

StructureBuilder Demo
Application for Qlik Sense

StructureBuilder makes it possible for people to create new visualizations based on any questions they might have, for example by using dimensions and measures that are defined in the app, thus further developing the app for personal use or to share with others. Apps can be re-used, modified and shared with others, depending on access rights. Different actions can be carried out depending on if the app is published or not.

menubar Download for Qlik Sense

trueChart Menubar allows for vertical and horizontal buttons and selections (fields, drill-down dimensions, master dimensions and variables) as well as unlimited trigger based Actions.

You can also share apps with the current selection with a single click, as well as conveniently chain documents including current or changed selections to navigate between apps.

Looking For Documentation And More Resources?

trueChart Installation Guide

This guide covers the installation process of trueChart as well as the installation of the trueChart extension and the HiCo Converter.

trueChart Service Guide

trueChart is a Windows application that runs on the server with Qlik Sense & is responsible for serving & saving all the necessary data

trueChart Feature Guide

The trueChart Feature Guide covers all the features of the trueChart extension for Qlik Sense®.

menubar Documentation

Learn more about trueChart Menubar in this introduction to menubar and all of its functions and integrations.

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Learn more about the benefits of being a trueChart partner.

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